What are some catchy business names?

We have different business names used with other clients or business managers to name their business. The most important thing you should know is that when you are looking for a business name, you should always look for a catchy business name that will be popular and go viral among the customers. Today I am going to explain to you some of the catchy business names that are successful or have created successfully among businesses.

KISS (keep it simple, superstar)

The important thing about this catchy business name is that it has been successful in different brand business areas like coca-cola and Pepsi. Always people are out of the simple business name for easy remembering.  Beyond being short and simple, a business name like this one has made many people memorize it.  To add to this, the rule of KISS has been as simple as it has helped many people to search online, get location, and update about it.

Rah-Rah or Sis Boom-Bar

Here the founder of this particular name was looking for a cheerful name. What is essential that they did when they were looking for this name is that they played around with the words and phrases to come up with a funny name. This name has carried a certain rhythm that makes it effortlessly memorable with customers all over the world. It is nice to sound this business name as the following successful name, reebok, and apple.  When looking for a catchy business name, you should not think beyond the page. What you could do is play with the phrase and words and come up with a name like the one above.

LGBS (like the gum on your shoes)

 This is a uniquely successful business name that the owner grafted from the radio song that was common among the people. This name became successful since people could recoil it with the radio song, but the owner made it unique by adding some small things. When you are about to brainstorm your company name, you would like to use the example above. You should not just decide one night and come up with the business name. You should think of the best business name, and you should pay attention to the type of business name that keeps coming to your mind. In addition, after you have found one, run it first through your friends and family for advice before publishing it.

 TWB (three people walk into a bar)

This name seems to be very fun, but it made the business sacked somewhere in the world. The best thing that I would like to teach you is that great names come from the stories that you read. It is always simple to take the example of the word above extracted from the specific storybook. Since we had some people who had gone through this story were already adhere about the name.  For you being the first time to hear it will always appear like being foreign, and for this reason, it becomes easily memorable.


I always talk about this imposing and catching business name since it has made millions of profits to the business owner. This name seems unique, but it went viral and is shared among the people.  This name the owner extracts from the dictionary. The vital thing you should know is that the dictionary is said to add some new word every year, so it is upon you to look for a unique name that will be common and unique.

Out of the box with apples.

Since many people know more about apples, the owner of this business name decides to add some words to make it unique. This has made his business a successful one. A person by the name of jobs is the one who advances this catchy business name. When you listen to his story, this person had just come out of a visit from an apple farm. In addition, he was looking for his young business name. This name came out and shared it out; actually, it made it. The term has become successful up to date.

Kodak is obsessed with Ks.

The name kadok is the name of the founder of this business. This person was walking and thought of this catchy business name. This person believes that the letter k would be catchy, and indeed, it worked. This name has become popular among customers, and people easily remember it.


Most of the catchy business names are very important for you as a young industrial person to know; before you come up with the name, you should do more research like the one I had to explain above. Looking for a catchy business name is not that I had never think outside the box. Always look for impressive business names by combining the phrase and word to develop a catchy business name.

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