How to name your baby?

As a regular day, you left your office and went home after a couple of minutes something amazing happen and your wife tells you that you will be a daddy. Your mind will blow up and you’ll be super happy and thankful to god for this amazing surprise, after that you want to think about your baby name? Then before choosing a name read this steps so you can choose the best name for your baby.

Search online for the name

Now sit, pick a pen and paper and do some research online about your baby name you will find a lot of baby names out there but you can’t write all of them do you? I suggest you, to write the name which has good meaning. Choose a name which has lots of meanings as well as which sounds good to you, as well as your partner.

Pick a religious name for your baby

Picking common names are easy but the real thing is that does your baby name matches with the religious names of your religion? If not then find a name which matches with your religion. In every religion there are a lot of baby names which sounds good and most people like them as well such as “Ali” “The lion of god”, when a person hear this kind of name he will say that this person is nice and will surely respect that person also, you will be proud that you name your baby. By choosing a religious name will also affect the baby like your baby can be more religious and understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

Choose a unique name for your baby

Here on this world every person has same name most of all, but there’s a very small percentage of people which has unique names. Choosing a unique name can be difficult but if you choose a unique name you will feel good  that only my baby has this name and no one has the same name like my baby in the entire world, but remember while choosing a unique name it should matches your religion and have a good meaning also, it should matches with your family name. By doing so your baby name will be popular in the community and every person will know your baby easily just by hearing his name also your baby name can be post on news papers or will air on tv. This way your baby will be popular while he is just born and in future if he goes to find a job every company will hire him because he was famous before. So this will also affect your baby future.

Don’t follow trends when naming your baby

Now a days because of social media people usually follow trends and decide their baby name on trends, by doing so your baby future can be ruined, because if you follow trends when naming your baby, when he will grow up his friends will make fun of him and will say that your parents decide your name on trends, how poor are you they don’t care about you and this will affect your baby’s brain which can become a mental illness or health problems, so pls while deciding the name for your baby don’t ever follow trends.

Ask your friend or family when naming your baby 

Do you have a friend who already pass through this test? If you do then try asking him because as he already pass the test, he can suggest you good baby names obviously he also decide his babies names by putting everything in mind as mentioned in the above points. If he suggest good names which acts on everything which is mentioned in the article, then I suggest you to choose that name for your baby, or if he don’t then try asking your family, but don’t forget to ask your partners opinion because in home environment women has a huge hand in it so you should ask the mother if she likes a name for the baby or if you don’t ask her then after the baby born she will punish you your whole life by saying every time like, if your child did a mistake she will say “see you choose that name for my child and now he did that” or something so ask her opinion before deciding.

Pick a baby name by watching stars

Pick a baby name by watching stars in the night because as we all know that every star has a unique name and meaning which acts on religion and it doesn’t follow the trend by doing so if the star has great meaning your baby will stay healthy for the rest of his life or if it’s bad your baby can have a bad health so choose wisely. If your baby is a girl then this star method will work for you this way you can get a unique and religious name easily for your baby and your baby can become famous.

Choose wisely when naming your baby 

Choose wisely when naming your baby, because if you did not choose wisely then after you name your baby you will have to change it again so, choose wisely and try asking your friends that you like this name is this good or not if they say yes then it’s up to again to decide. Don’t be fast when deciding, because fast work is for devil not for human and if you want to pick a devil name then be fast and be polite and decide your baby name.

Don’t panic on your baby name 

Don’t take too much stress about the baby name take a deep breath and choose, if you panic then your just allowing your blood pressure to go up don’t do it or it can be bad for your health. You have so many days so it’s easy to decide then why panic, you have friends and family they will suggest you good names so why panic, i request you to, do not panic while choosing baby names, they are easy so don’t make your health bad if you are healthy then your baby will be healthy.

Finally it’s time to pick a baby name

Finally it’s now time to pick a baby name, if the baby name matches with the religious names also matches with your family name and your culture then it’s time to pick a name. If you got 6 baby names and you have to choose one then try to say it loud with your partner and if both of you hear a good name on which you both agree and choose that name then congrats you did your best, and now after the baby is born name it what name you choose.