Difference between big business name and small Business names

Big Business names:

Naming the business is certainly the most important thing to do. Name represents your business and describe what type of business you are running or starting. If you are choosing a big name you should also know its pros and cons.

Example of companies having big Business names:

  1. American Airlines
  2. American Express
  3. First Great Western.
  4.  Standard chartered.
  5.  The carphone warehouse.

Pros of having  long business name:

  • In long business name from only one word customer will be able to understand what your business or product is about. For example, The British museum, American airlines.
  • The Carphone warehouse is long business name which customer can easily guess what type of business it is. It’s a Phone selling company.
  • If you have a long business name you can easily use your product name as well as a name that can help you grow your business. For example D Waston Pharmacy, it sells medicine as well as groceries and cosmetics.

 Cons of having long business name:

  • When you are writing a big name you will have to write 3 words or more but if you don’t understand any word you will spell it wrong. For example, Mitsubishi Motors.
  • If you use long business name it is difficult to make a social media platform and if customer misspelled any of the words they will not find your business or product. For example. Royal horticulture society, if you accidentally spell any word wrong you will not find this page or it platform.
  •  In long business name, one word defines your business but the second word changes the meaning of every thing. 
  • If you have long business name and it gets popular customer can not use it as a badge of honor because its long and mostly time consuming when writing or telling any one.  For example American eagle outfitters. It a very long name and can’t be used a badge of honor.
  • When you are going with long name you have to find atleast two word which describes your business or product and are easy to write and pronounce. For example American express.

Short Business names:

If you have decided to choose a short name for your business you have choose it wisely as it should describe your business or product. You should also know pros and cons of choosing short business name.

Example of short business names:

  1. Amazon.
  2. Hermes.
  3. Iphone
  4. Hyundai
  5. Toyota.

Following are the pros and cons of having short business names:

Pros of having a short business names:

  • It is easy to remember a short name because it only has one letter and can be remembered easily. For example, Google, Iphone,Samsung,etc.
  • It is easier to make a social media platform when you have short business name and customer can easily search about your business on social media, i.e  Hyundai, Toyota etc.
  • Short business name can describe your entire business or product if you have choosed your business name wisely for example,  SalePush as it tells it a product selling company, Brandiing as it is a marketing agency.
  • Pros of having a short business name is that when your company get popular most of the people will use your company name as badge of honor and do the branding for you. For example I phone, people you it as a badge of honor.
  • You  can easily chose a short business name and can easily research on it.

Cons of having short business name:

  • Sometimes short names can prove costly if you have completed over looked your business and named which doesn’t define your business customer will get confused, renault is a automobile manufacturer but it does not explain it business unless you have hear about it.
  • Some small names are spoken different and written different. For example  Fage but it is pronounced as fah-yay. It a short but mostly mispronounced business name. It doesn’t describe it work it a dairy company.
  • When you are choosing a short business name you cannot name it after you or the product because it can stop you from selling other products as well. Bilal Mobile it limits your growth of business and now you will be seen as a mobile selling business.


If you are choosing any name it will have some pros and cons. But if you choose it wisely and  creatively your business can run and be successful either you have long business name or short business name. In example I have mentioned some long name businesses and some short name businesses which are very successful.